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The DIY Unicorn Makeup Brush Tutorial You’ve Been Waiting For



In the beginning of November, Unicorn Lashes exploded Instagram by propelling pastel brushes enlivened by unicorn horns. The set sold out in under 12 hours—twice. Fortunately, a DIY unicorn cosmetics brush instructional exercise now exists on YouTube, and it will fill the horn-molded void in your unicorn-cherishing heart. Client Kats Meyow made her own form of the sold-out unicorn brushes with the assistance of some earth, sparkle, and cheap brushes. The at-home form may not be indistinguishable to Unicorn Lashes’, but rather they are another fun approach to include some more mysterious unicorn vibes to your excellence schedule. (TBH you can never have excessively, in any case.) Even in case you’re not shrewd, the video is inconceivably relieving to watch. I need Kats Meyow to portray my life and transform the majority of my cosmetics brushes into unicorn horns.

The following is the thing that Unicorn Lashes’ sold-out set resembles—just on the off chance that they haven’t come up on your Instagram bolster. In Kats Meyer’s YouTube subtitle, she shared her adoration for the OG brushes: “This DIY was propelled by the delightful unicorn cosmetics brush set by the U.K.- based organization, Unicorn Lashes. While making your own particular is fun, their brushes are 10,000 circumstances superior to anything mine AND they accompany a holo case!”

You can change brushes you as of now have into something more mysterious. On the other hand you can get some from E.L.F. then again the under-$3 pink-tipped Wet n Wild brushes like Kats Meyow did. To begin with, she tapes off the abounds, so they won’t get harmed in the creating procedure. At that point, she gets to chiseling. Believe me when I say, making the unicorn-horn shape is less demanding than you might suspect. After they dry, Kats Meyow paints on Mod Podge, then dark and holographic-white paints. To give the brushes some radiance, she brushes on glittery nail clean. You can likewise paint the horns with your most loved holographic nail clean to give them an indistinguishable luminous impact from the genuine articles. She completed off the unicorn-enlivened brushes with a sprinkle of star-molded sparkle and a defensive layer of Mod Podge.

You can watch the full DIY unicorn cosmetics brush video below.


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