Every woman should find a right lipstick to make a good complement because if we find a right color that matches our body complexion also makes our looks fabulous and glamorous. But first of all these we should care for the lips because if we don’t care then the shining power of the lips will be diminishes. So before to choose a right lipstick, we should care for the lips with a lip balm that moisturize the lips. A good or shining lipstick doesn’t moisturize the lips. Therefore the lips become dry and easily crack. So after caring for the lips, if we apply lipstick, the lips look more beautiful, the color will be last longer.

0u200-750x450PROCESS OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT LIPSTICK: A right lipstick shines our lips and every woman should choose a right lipstick for her. Now a lipstick can be choose by two things: skin tone and occasion. If we apply different color on our lips without understanding our skin tone it will not be a good make up choice because our skin has undertones, so after determining the skin tone lipstick can be used. But if we only choose the lipstick depending upon our skin tone it can’t be appropriate for occasion also.  If we choose a lipstick for trips to school, or the mall, or any work place, then “every day wear” colored lipstick can be considered. If we choose for dinner party, dating and weddings, we can consider a “formal wear colors “. So we should consider such type of lipstick that matches occasion as well as skin tone.

Now there are 5 tips to choose the right lipstick depending upon the skin tone and occasion:

  1. For a light colored skin we should avoid dark lipstick and should consider pale pinks. Because pale pinks blend well and emphasize the undertones of the skin.
  2. For dark intermediate or olive skin tone, peach and apricot can blend well properly the undertone of the skin and looks beautiful.
  3. For dark or very dark colored skin we should choose only bold or mild colure because it work well with this skin tone properly. But other colors are not so noticeable for dark skin.
  4. For nude skin with a soft blush or medium skin tone, we should consider fine wine lips color that can enhance the radiance of the lips.
  5. For fair or pale skin we should consider cherry or blood red lipstick.

CONCLUSION: Lipstick can take an important role in every woman’s make up procedure. But we should choose the right lipstick for us which can lighten up our looks and become more glamorous. But we should choose the lipstick depending upon the type of skin tone and the type of occasion so that women of every skin type can choose their right lipstick which can match their body complexion. So every woman should purchase a right lipstick.


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